Getting started for principals and administrators

The Life Skills GO platform allows principals and administrators to view the classes and reporting of each of their teachers, as well as perform administrative duties such as adding new teachers, resetting teacher passwords and creating school-wide units of work.

Accessing principal / administrator features

To access the school administrator dashboard, click school admin in the side menu. You must be a school administrator to access these features. 

Creating and Managing teacher accounts

To create a new teacher account

  1. Click Teachers in the top navigation bar of the School Admin Section.

  2. Click the Create Teacher button.
  3. Enter the teachers first name, last name, email address and select the teacher's role. 
  4. Press the Create button.

The new teacher is now ready to use Life Skills GO. The teacher will have an invitation email waiting for them in their inbox, which will allow them to set their password and start using the platform.

Please ensure that the email address entered for the teacher is accurate. If the email address is incorrect the teacher will not receive their invitation and will be unable to use the platform until this is rectified. Please contact us if you would like support adding new teachers.


To update a teacher's level of access: 

  1. Click Teachers in the top navigation bar of the School Admin Section.
  2. Search for the staff member in the search bar at the top of the page or scroll through the list of teachers
  3. Click the box to the left hand side of the teacher's name
  4. Click Edit Teachers
  5. Select their new role (either teacher or school admin)
  6. Click the tick icon next to the teacher's name

Viewing my classes & lesson results

  1. Navigate to the Classes page in your school admin section and identify the class you would like to view
  2. Press the View Class button next to the class

Once you are viewing the class, click the Reporting button to view class work.  These instructions will help you navigate the Reporting Dashboard.

Help: A teacher is unable to log in

For detailed information on the best ways to help your teachers log in and set up, please see this help article.

Manage students in your school

From the School Admin dashboard, select Students. In the Students interface, you have the ability to create new students, managing exisiting students, award student badges and view a student's profile. 

To create a new student, click create student, enter the student's name, select their grade and click Create.

To edit student information, check the box next to the student(s) you want to edit and click edit above the list of students. Edit the information and then click the check button to confirm the changes.

To delete students, check the box next to the student(s) you want to delete and click the delete icon above the list of students. A confirmation will appear with information about how many students you are deleting. Click the delete button to confirm. This action will remove students from all of their classes, and prohibit them accessing Life Skills GO.  

To award student badges, check the box next to the student(s) you want to award badges to. Click award badges to view the list of badges you can award to the students. Select a badge and confirm by clicking Yes.

To view a student's profile, click the profile icon next to the student's name.

Creating units for your whole school or stage level

From the School Admin dashboard, select School Units. The Whole School Units interface will allow you to create units that can be seen and selected by all teachers within your school.

See the instructions here for more information on how to do this.