How do I share a unit with my whole school or stage level?

Set up a whole school unit of work which can be shared across stage levels.

Administrator users have access to additional features in Life Skills GO, such as creating units that become available for the whole school to use.

To create a shared unit

  1. Click on School Admin in the side menu, then select School Units from the top navigation bar.
  2. Using the New School Unit button, create a unit as usual (video instructions on creating a custom unit can be found here, or written instructions here).
  3. You can then assign this unit to classes in your school by checking the box next to each class you want to assign the unit to and clicking Assign.
  4. This will automatically update the classes so that their active unit is the one you assigned. 

How do other teachers use this unit?

Shared units will be visible when teachers create a new class, or select to add a new unit to an existing class. As an administrator, you can also assign this unit directly to classes within your school once the unit is set up. The option will automatically be presented once the unit is created, or you can come back and assign the unit to a class at any time using the Assign Classes button in Whole School Units.