How do I setup my Life Skills GO account?

If your school has registered for Life Skills GO, you should have received an invitation to join in your inbox. If you are instead an individual user, you may purchase a subscription plan HERE.

Creating a new class

Once you are in the main dashboard, you will be able to create your first class by clicking Create class in the side menu and entering the class name.

If you are unable to see the side menu, you can open it by clicking on menu icon to the left of our logo.

    Adding Students

    Click Students in the top navigation bar to start setting up your class.

    Students can be added to a class in several ways:

    1. Students already in your school's Life Skills GO student database can be added to your class manually by click the plus button next to the student's name.
    2. The list of students can be filtered by name and grade by using the search bar above the list of students. 
    3. To remove students from your class select the minus button next to the students name.
    4. Upload an excel spreadsheet with your students' first name, last name and grade to automatically add them to your class. This can be done by either dragging the file into the upload box, or clicking on the upload box and selecting the file on your computer. 
    5. Manually enter a student's name in the Search or Create box and select their grade from the dropdown menu. The Create Student button can be used to add this new student to your class. 

    Printing student login details

    So that your students are able to access the platform you will need to provide them with their login details, as QR codes that can be scanned by devices with camera or as usernames and passwords. These can be found by clicking View student login details on the Students page and then printing off the appropriate details.

    Assigning a unit of work

    From your dashboard, select lessons from the top navigation bar then click the Assign Lessons button. Click Assign To for recommended unit you wish to assign, then select the date you would like to start your first lesson. Next select the day you want to run the lessons on and tick Whole Class to assign the uint to all students in the class. Lastly click Confirm.

    Congratulations! You have completed your Life Skills GO account setup, and are ready to run your first lesson.