How do I start my first lesson?

Get started with your first Life Skills GO lesson quickly.

You will need to have your first class set up with students and a unit before you are able to start your first lesson. If you do not have a class set up, visit our quick start guide to be taken through the whole process of getting started with Life Skills GO.

After a unit has been assigned to your class, select Lessons from the top navigation bar to bring up all the lessons in your unit.

Under each lesson you will see the options to Preview, view the Lesson Content or Start the lesson.  

The Preview button will show you all the activities that your student will complete during the lesson. Once you are familiar with the content, you can start the lesson by closing the preview window and clicking the Start Lesson button. 

The Lesson Content button will provide you with a downloadable PDF of the activities for you to keep on file or for your own reference.  

The Start Lesson button will take you directly to the start of the lesson in teacher lead mode.