Why have my student names changed?

Plugins, extensions or other browser tools can affect how information is displayed on the internet, including Life Skills GO

Life Skills GO generally allows you to enter a student name or alias in a language appropriate format. This means special characters, such as the apostrophe (') that other applications disallow can be used in Life Skills GO. Some browser extensions, plugins or other tools that you may use to improve your internet experience may adversely affect your Life Skills GO platform experience if you use these characters in student names.

The student information below has been created for illustrative purposes only. Any questions or concerns about your specific Life Skills GO account can be directed to support@lifeskillsgroup.com.au


To demonstrate how plugins can impact on your Life Skills GO experience, we will use the Google Translate Extension in the Google Chrome browser.

Below is a sample class we have created for demonstration purposes. We have highlighted 2 student names we will be using to assess how this extension can affect Life Skills GO

Student names (student page) 

Running a Class Check-in with our demo class we can see below how the page should appear with Google Translate turned off, and how the page may appear with Google Translate turned on.


Correct names (checkin)

Google Translate is turned off and our demo class appears as normal.


Wrong names (checkin)

Google Translate is turned on. Our student names have been translated by this plugin and appear incorrectly.

If you use browser plugins or extensions be mindful that these can be running even when using Life Skills GO. It is important that you remain aware of any tools that may be affecting your use of Life Skills GO, particularly when presenting to a class.


Life Skills GO has no control over external plugins or extensions that individuals have installed on their systems. These are presentational only, and do not affect your data stored within our system in anyway. We recommend reviewing any browser plugins you are using and to disable temporarily any that impact on your use of Life Skills GO.

These browser extensions only affect the presentation of information on your device(s) that they have been installed on, and do not impact the information you have stored securely with Life Skills GO. If you have any questions or concerns the Life Skills GO Privacy Policy details how we store and protect user information, and you can reach out to us at support@lifeskillsgroup.com.au.