System Requirements

This article was last updated July 2020.

Life Skills GO is a web-based application. The following system requirements are recommended for the best experience.

a) An internet connection

b) A web browser. We support most web browsers, with a recommendation of Google Chrome. Please Note: Whilst we try our best to support Internet Explorer, this browser is unfortunately now officially unsupported by its developer, and we recommend using a different browser.

It is possible to run Life Skills GO on devices that do not meet the recommendations below, however for the best experience please use one of the following.

c) Hardware recommendations:

  • Windows PC - Windows 7 or higher.

  • Apple Mac - OS X Yosemite or higher.

  • Apple iPad - iOS 9.x or higher or comparable tablet.

  • Google Chromebook - Google Chrome OS.

  • Smartboard - running Windows, Mac OS, Android or Linux with compatible browsers.

  • Apple iPhone - iOS 9.x or higher or comparable smartphone.