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Life Skills GO Version 6.1.0 (July 12th 2022)

Release Guide

For Teachers: 

  • The emotion ‘Frustrated’ has been moved from the zone ‘Emotional Overload’ to ‘In a state of processing’.

For School Administrators:

  • After receiving feedback from School Administrators, we have added a new ‘Classes’ page in School Admin section. It lists all the active classes in the school along with number of students and co-teachers of respective classes. School Admins can also click on the eye icon to view class data, add co-teachers and manage students in class.

For Students:

  • The coloured backgrounds from the Learning Support Emotion Check-in has been removed to allow for greater flexibility when teaching emotional literacy to students and to make it easier for educators to transition between different frameworks.
The Platform:
  • Structural updates are part of an ongoing process to help us provide you with a platform that is stable and secure. We routinely update our systems and processes to do the same so that our customers get the best service possible.