How do I view curriculum coverage reporting?

Learn how to access the curriculum coverage of a lesson or whole unit of work.

This article was last updated January 2021.

Reports on curriculum coverage are available in the Reporting section.Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 10.57.08 am

The Lesson Report button can be used to export a spreadsheet of the classes lesson results which contains curriculum mappings for the lesson.

Exporting curriculum coverage

The Curriculum Report button can be used to export a spreadsheet displaying what areas of the curriculum have been offered & engaged with by the class. 

Reading the curriculum export


The curriculum export lists all curriculum outcomes offered (grey) and engaged with (green) by the class, and lists which lessons cover these outcomes.

How to access this information as a principal or administrator

 As a principal or administrator your My School menu allows you to log in as any teacher in your school to observe their classes and reporting information. Refer to Getting started for principals and administrators for detailed instructions.