How do I use the Weather Report?

The Weather Report is a practice that helps students reflect on their emotions, to better understand how they are feeling.

The Weather Report is run by default at the start of each lesson. You are also able to run a Class Check-in to gain rapid insight into your class' wellbeing or a Prepare for Learning Weather Report to help bring your students into a state where they are ready to learn. 

Running a whole class check-in

If you have an interactive whiteboard or other classroom device, you can click the Class Check-in button on the dashboard to bring up a list of your students. Each student can click on their name and respond with how they're feeling. Student responses will be recorded against their name in the Weather Report History

Running a Prepare for Learning Weather Report

A Prepare for Learning Weather Report lets you check in with your students in moments without needing to login on individual devices. It can be used on an interactive whiteboard with the whole class, or with a single student.

To track results against the students in this class, please ensure that the students have been added to the class.

  1. From the dashboard, click the Prepare for Learning button.
  2. The weather report will open in a new tab. Ask the student(s) to respond to the first question by selecting a category (the top 5 icons) and then clicking on the emotion that best represents how they are feeling.
  3. The student(s) will receive a targeted mindfulness activity, followed by a second question asking how they are feeling now. 
  4. Once complete, the Assign to Student dropdown can be used to track the results against a specific student. This is useful for tracking a student's wellbeing over time, and will appear in the Weather Report History on your Weather Report page.

Viewing your students' Weather Report responses

Your class's responses to recent weather reports can be viewed from the Weather Report page using the Weather Report History panel. To see a larger history, you can use the Calendar Icons to select a custom date range and update the report with the Search Icon.