How do I set coursework for a class?

Learn about setting up units of work and assigning them to your class.

To assign a new unit of work to your class, click on the Lessons icon in the dashboard. Then click Add Unit. If this is your first time adding a unit, you will automatically be taken to the unit setup.

You can select a Life Skills GO suggested unit, a unit created by your school stage leader, or create your own unit.

To get started with a Life Skills GO suggested unit, or a school admin created unit, simply select the days you wish to run the lessons and click Assign Unit.

To create your own custom unit, please see creating custom unit

Whole school units

Your stage leaders and program administrators are able to create units to be shared across the whole school. If any whole school units have been created, these will be visible with a red banner.

Suggested units

  • Suggested units are a great way to get started with your class fast, these will be visible with a blue banner.
  • The Curriculum Info button can be used to display the lessons included in the unit and their curriculum coverage.