How do I see what activities my students have completed?

How to access the reporting features in Life Skills GO.

Lesson Reporting

Reporting for lesson activities that students have completed is available on the Reporting page. 

From the dashboard, click on Reporting. This will bring up the lessons in your current unit, as well as a class summary for the activities that the students have completed. Some activities will be automatically marked, while others, such as the drawing and written responses, will need to be assessed. 

To view more detailed reporting click View Student Responses to pull up individual student answers. Clicking on any of the bubbles will display more details about the activity. 

To assess a drawing or written response, click Mark Student Responses for the completed lesson, and then Mark as correct or Mark as incorrect. You can mark student responses individually or in bulk at the top.  The reporting will then automatically update to reflect the assessment. 

Journal Responses

Teachers can view an individual student’s journal entries on the student profile page.

  1. From the dashboard, click on Students to bring up a list of students.  
  2. Click on the Profile button next to the student's name to view the student’s profile.
  3. Navigate to the Journal Entries section to see a list of entries made by that student. 
  4. To view any of the entries, simply click on one of them to bring up the page. 
  5. As these entries are done outside of a lesson, they are not assessable.