How do I schedule lessons for the term?

Learn how to set up lessons for your class and schedule them across a term.

Selecting days to run lessons. 

When you first set up a unit for your class, you have the ability to schedule the lessons on specific days. 

  1. From the Lessons page, click Add Unit
  2. Choose a unit from either your school units or a Life Skills GO suggested unit.
  3. Once you have chosen your unit, use the 5 day buttons to select which days you want to make the lessons available. The platform will then calculate the lesson start dates based on your selections. 
  4. If you set up a custom unit, you may even select how many lessons you want to run per week. 
  5. After clicking on the Create Unit button, select the number of weeks that you would like to run this unit as well as the days you want to run the lessons.

Manually changing dates for certain lessons

If you want to manually change the dates for when each lesson becomes available to your students, navigate to the Lessons page. 

  1. Pick the lesson you want to change and click on the Calendar Icon to bring up a calendar.
  2. Select a new date for the lesson.
  3. When you next visit the page, the lessons will have reordered so that they are in order of availability.