How do I add students to a class?

Learn about student management for your class.

Students must be set up for a class before you can run lessons.

To add students to a class:

    1. Ensure you are on the dashboard.
    2. After setting up a new class, click on the Students button.
    3. Click on the Add Students button. 
    4. From the Add Students to Class popup, add students in your school to your class by clicking the plus button
    5. Create a new student by typing a student's name into the Search or Add field, selecting their grade and clicking Create Student.
    6. Alternatively, you can use the Upload class list section to upload a list of student names and grades to automatically add them to your class. Please note that your spreadsheet needs to contain one column for Name and one for Grade only. A template can be downloaded here.

The students will be added to the class list, and a username and password will be generated for them.

Printing student log in information 

A list of the student login information can be printed from the student management dashboard

  1. Click the View student login details button
  2. Select the login method you want your students to use and click Print. 
  3. Once you have adjusted your computer's printer settings, click Print.