How can I see which classes have been running the lessons?

Get an overview of class activity within your school.

As a school admin, you have the ability  to monitor usage of the platform, see trends in the emotions of the school and pull out historical data for reporting purposes using the executive report. 

To use the executive report

  1. From your teacher dashboard, click on School Admin to be taken to the school admin dashboard.
  2. Select the date range you would like to view and hit the search icon to pull up data for the dates selected.
  3. You can also drill down into specific grades by selecting selecting them from the dropdown menu under the date range.
  4. You can view a particular class' activity by selecting it from the list of classes on the left hand side of the report.

There are 2 indicators of class activity in the selected time period, the lesson and the Emotion Check-in icons:

  • If the lesson icon is green it means that there is lesson activity for this class
  • If the Emotion Check-in icon is green, that class has logged some Emotion Check-in in the time period selected