Is all the Life Skills GO content linked to the Australian or NSW curriculum?

Find out where you can access information on the curriculum mapping of Life Skills GO content.

This article was last updated January 2021.

All lessons on Life Skills GO are curriculum aligned, with links to both the Australian and NSW curricula. These details can be found in several places on the platform.

Creating a New Unit

When selecting a suggested unit, click on the Curriculum Info button for any of the suggested units to bring up a list of lessons in the unit. Beside each lesson are the curriculum outcomes. Using the tabs at the top of the pop up you can view the curriculum outcomes for each stage. 

When creating a custom unit, you are able to view the curriculum details while selecting the lessons you want to add to the unit. On the ‘Learning screen’ click on the Lesson Details button found next to each lesson. This will open a new tab with information about the lesson, including curriculum outcomes and a lesson overview.

Unit Details

Once you have set up your first unit you will be able to view the curriculum outcomes quickly from the curriculum dashboard. From the dashboard, select the Lessons icon. Underneath the Class Lessons details, click on the Unit Details button to bring up a list of the lessons in the unit, as well as the curriculum outcomes for each lesson. 

Previewing a Lesson

Still in the lessons dashboard, click Preview for any of the lessons in the unit. This will bring up details about the lesson, including the curriculum outcomes which can be found at the top of the page. 


Curriculum information can also be found in reporting. 

From the dashboard, click the Reporting icon to bring up the reporting for your current unit. Under each lesson you will find the learning outcome for the lesson. 

Clicking on each of the Lesson Report buttons will give you a summary of the lesson, including the curriculum information as well as the results from the students’ attempts. 

You are also able to get curriculum information using the Curriculum Report at the top of the page. Click the Curriculum Report button to download the document. 

Under Teacher Resources

On the side menu, navigate to the Teacher Resources and expand the drop down menu. Select Lesson Curriculum Map to open the document in a different tab. This guide shows how the Life Skills GO learning areas map to both the Australian and NSW curricula. 

Printable Resources 

All of the Life Skills GO printable resources are also curriculum aligned to the Australian and NSW curricula. 

Open the side menu by clicking on the three lines on the top left hand side. Navigate to Classroom Resources, and select Printable Resources from the drop down menu. 

Underneath each resource you can find the curriculum codes assigned to each card.  

Printable Resource mappings can also be found under Teacher Resources -> Resource Curriculum Map as a PDF download.