Accessing additional teaching resources

Learn about our additional printable resources and mindfulness activities.

This article was last updated January 2021.

As a Life Skills GO teacher you have access to classroom resources such as videos, physical game instructions and printable posters.

These resources can be found under the Classroom Resources section.

Classroom resources

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  • Printable Resources – contains cards, posters and physical game instructions that can be printed, displayed to the class or used while teaching to support group or individual learning.
  • Values Posters - contains a collection of posters that speak to the values taught in Life Skills GO.
  • Brain breaks – videos to self-regulate, calm down, manage energy levels.
  • Guided Breathing – videos to self-regulate, calm down and manage energy levels.
  • Guided Visualisations – allows students to follow different stories in their mind that are linked to various themes to help them learn about concepts such as self-management, resilience and compassion.
  • Mindful Exercises – videos to help students build tools for self-awareness.
  • Relaxation Stories – videos to help students to learn about concepts such as teamwork, kindness and compassion.